Question about colors on map and atc

Hi, I have two questions my first one is what does the different colors on the act menu mean and the second one is what does it mean that the airport is blue and red?

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Green runway is best to use (wind) then yellow then red
Dot on airport denotes VFR capability (green- VFR white/ limited VFR red- IFR only)
Blue parking spots mean you can fit there and red means it is too small

can you please explain the VFR colors a little more clearly please

Read here

Runway colors have to do with the direction of where the winds are blowing:

So, green means that’s the best runway(s) to use for landing & takeoff - which has to do with headwinds towards the runway. Like in your picture, winds are coming from the north. Runways 07 & 04 have aircraft taking off into the winds.

Yellow defines as crosswinds. Runway 14 runs west to east so since the winds are blowing in from the north (going south), the wind is cutting directly across runway 14.

Red means you have a tailwind which it is not suitable for an aircraft to takeoff with a tailwind greater than 10 knots. As in the picture winds are from the north - runways 25 & 22 have aircraft taking off going southbound which are the same direction the winds are going.


Hey @Zman! That’s an excellent question about the colours of the airport - and I’ve answered it in another topic as well, and linked it for you here:

The dots correspond to the weather/METAR of the airport, so at a quick glance, you’ll know the general weather and visibility conditions of the airports in the area.

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