Question about clouds

When will we see these kind of clouds ?

im guessing they will add more types of clouds into infinite flight when project metal will arrive


There hasn’t been any announcement by Infinite Flight regarding clouds. We’ll just have to be patient here :)

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This is actually a good question. There was not a single mention of clouds since their release. Of course we had a ton of other features coming but I’d really love to see more types of clouds in IF ^^


More clouds are hoped for once project metal progresses. Just be aware that Project Metal isn’t just a single update. It’s a continuous development. There isn’t going to be a day where they say “today we’re shipping Project Metal”, and as development is released you won’t actually see a difference.
You are right in saying thugh that PM will help with different cloud layers. I think the issue is dynamic lighting, in that they’re trying to make it so light travels through and is affected by clouds (I think).


Well, since project metal doesn’t include specific features (see comment above) I wouldn’t be surprised if parts of it were already implemented to enble 3D buildings and the first cloud layer, but this is just a guess tbh. Regarding the cumulus clouds, no official info has been published yet.

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imagine just flying through those and experiencing turbulence

If they add that now, you can say bye to frames and high settings. Your device will kaboom

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