Question about clouds

The development of clouds is stated here, I have some questions about this. I hope you can answer them for me

  1. Will they be realistic? Meaning, for example, in real life, they clouds are above London Heathrow, will they show in IF??

  2. Will they be implemented within the next update ?

Thank you. :)

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More information will be released as development progresses.

No. Jason has confirmed this.

  1. Since The other weather in the game is based on real time, I believe that clouds would be as well.

  2. Most likely they will not be a part of the next update as there is a lot that goes into the development of that and it could be a while until they are implemented


Ok thank you

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Jason said that the first iteration will be cirrus clouds (the high-altitude, thin clouds you see). They will not be in 20.2 as they hit a snag.

  1. Yes
  2. No

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