Question About Clouds and Old Replays

So, I’m wondering about what will be of replays from before the update that clouds come in (20.1, 20.2, etc.), and weather (pun intended) or not clouds will be visible in them. I’m doing a flight now that will be beautiful for a time lapse, and I feel like clouds would make it so much more prettier. Will clouds be visible in replays from before their release?

I don’t think that clouds will be in the older replays but you can always ask on the 20.1 thread when it opens back up.

As you may know in a replay your able to customize your weather settings during your replay regardless of how long ago it was. If they put an option to add clouds on the replay you should be able to add them to it since your able to customize weather in your replays. Now that doesn’t mean that this will actually happen don’t get me wrong but it is a good indication. It should work on your old replays as your now running a version on your device that supports clouds when they do come around to the public audience. Again, clouds on replays has yet to be confirmed, I’m just sharing my opinion and what I think would actually occur to make an educated outcome.


Bumping this because I doubt clouds would be visible in replays of any flight, even past 20.1 or 20.2… but I soooo much wish to be wrong. Could any dev or tester le us know what is the case?

Find out when its released.