Question about clearance for landing

When acting as tower, what does the ‘number 1, 2, 3’ etc mean with landing clearance? Any help appreciated.

The number indicates which sequence you’re in for landing. Let’s say that there’s two people in front of you on final- you’d be cleared as #3 if appropriate.


Do you know what a pattern or sequencing is or should I start explaining from scratch?

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Check this out:

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How is that done in real life?
When a pilot is cleared as number 3, is he supposed to search for the first two and keep track of those other aircraft? Or, when the first plane has landed, does the pilot get notified that he is now number 2?

@Jan_Polet the pilot will receive a sequence with the position of the aircraft to follow. It is up to the pilot to maintain separation between the other plane and keep their sequencing.

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Thanks, I thought it was this. Just checking.

Jan, the pilot is just supposed to identify the aircraft which he has to follow. This is done by the pattern position or - in case of landing clearance - only be the position in the queue. Therefore the pilot will not get notified, if - in your case - the first plane landed.[edit: to late…]

It is all about visual contact then, isn’t it. That’s the point when the proximity warning turns the plane on the map to orange.