Question about "clear for approach"

“Cleard for take off” means you can take off
“Cleard to land” means you can land
But what does “clear for approach” mean?Does that mean “you can land”?But then what means you can land?
And when should I clear them for approach?Am I supposed to hand them off to Tower immediately after that?

Cleared for approach means that you are clear to maintain the heading and altitude given to you by ATC and make the turn to intercept the localiser by yourself, without permission from ATC once they clear you for the approach.

From an ATC perspective, you clear the aircraft for approach to a certain runway when they are at a 30 degree intercept to localiser and wait until they have intercepted the localiser before handing them off to Tower.


Adding to what Declan has said, if you are doing a Visual Approach, you can expect to hear “Clear for approach” after you have reported airport insight. You will then proceed to land using visual reference to the runway.

You can find out more on Visual Approaches here:


You are asking the right questions! 😊

Further to the good info from Declan, have a look at this tutorial

More info on the different Approach types:


Need I vector them to the end of the triangle if they are not straight in since Tower may warn them?

But it seems the controller didn’t clear him for approach?

Thanks,you helps a lot!😆

Yes, Approach controller did clear him: “…runway 15 cleared-ILS approach”.

The last vector included:

  1. make the final turn to 180 degrees
  2. Maintain altitude (3000 feet) until established on the localiser (the compass showing you’re inline with the extended centre line)
  3. Cleared ILS approach

This means the pilot should:

  1. Turn to 180
  2. Altitude 3000 feet
  3. Stay on 3000 feet until established
  4. Make the final 30 degree turn towards the ILS interecept at 150 degrees yourself.
  5. Start descending
  6. Wait for handover to Tower by Approach

(The above is basically the same as what @Declan_O said)

After handover to Tower: report ‘inbound on the ILS, runway 15’. Don’t report inbound for landing because you’re already established on the ILS.

Makes sense?

Well I may be too careless,thanks for so many words!

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