Question about checklists

I would like to do a flight right now and I was wondering if anyone knows of a checklist I can use, I have tryed the app etc

As soon as possible

You find checklists for IF in the app VirtualHub. You can download it for free in the app store.

I have also tryed that out and it did not work out

Do you mean checklists with the procedures like taxi, pre takeoff, after takeoff etc?

Yes you are correct

Something to print out

There‘s also an app called IF Checklists.

Also have tryed that and it didn’t work out

Bit why doesn‘t VirtualHub work out? Works perfectly for me since the new update.

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First I think you have to pay for checklist etc

Second I don’t know if it works in the same device

In VirtualHub you get the checklists for free. Did you download the app? It’s available for both Android and iOS. Where‘s the problem that you can‘t see the checklists?
Maybe you tried the wrong app. It looks like this:

I got it but can you have everything in one device

Do you mean the checklists in the simulator without a thirdparty app?

What aircraft?

I mean like it doesn’t let you have the audio of checklist (“safety briefing” etc.) and go to infinite flight with it

I want to fly on 737-900

I have a checklist for a 737-800

Oh maybe I’ll do a 737-800

Ya that’s good