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I have a question about center. When the update is released, I’m planning to fly some stalls and other maneuvers to get the idea of the flight model (not doing aerobatics, but similar to how the 777X is being tested now). What should I tell Center, as I can’t fly VFR at high altitudes, and if I test stalls I won’t stay at my assigned altitude.

So summarized; What should I ask Center if I want to do such maneuvers in the 777-200ER (If Center is online)?

Feel free to ask questions, as this might not be clear enough…

Why can’t you just do it outside of the ATC area?

Also, more information will be released as the update comes along.


You could also do this on Casual or solo


Thats an option, but Center covers a very large area.

Of course I will not fly in controlled airspace if not allowed, and I’ll fly in Solo if that kind of flying is considered “unprofessional”.

In a way, you could always liaise with the controller so as to do those tests, or better yet, just keep such manoeuvres in the casual server.


Like DG4 said, I would do this on Solo if I were you.


Center covers an area of approximately 270 miles. The world is much larger than that. Have fun.

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I agree with all of you, thinking about it again it sounds kind of stupid to do on the Expert server…

I get it, in theory it sounds fun and interesting and it would be cool to almost recreate a test flight, but in the end, it might become annoying for the controller. If you’re at a high enough altitude and there’s no ATC in the area that could become disgruntled, sure you could do it on expert, just be aware of any aircraft nearby!

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I agree with @MThef, but you could pm the controller and ask him if you can do those things


Agreed, that was my intention.

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Don’t contact ATC until you’re done with your VFR portion. Then pickup IFR

You could always DM the center controller before hand and ask if they’re okay with it.

Just don’t do it on expert

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Hey mate,

Being completely honest with you, it is probably best to practice this on the Casual Server because firstly, you don’t run the risk of receiving any violations on the Casual Server even if it is by accident.

Secondly, there are some controllers and pilots on the training server that use the training server for exactly that, to practice there flying (which doesn’t include stalling) and controllers that are trying to practice for IFATC etc, so with all of that being said I would highly recommend doing these sorts of flights on the Casual Server.



I have realized that this should be done on solo or casual, as such a test flight might be hard to do properly on the expert server.

Thanks for all the feedback!

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Expanding on what he said, how does IFATC expects pilots to respond to center at cruise? No one can be at there device constantly during a 12 hour flight. Because irl, one center hands off the pilot to another.

Any accidents while being away or unresponsiveness will be assumed unintentional. Controllers now have the ability to identify aircraft that have been away for more than 2 mins without any touch or interaction with the active flight.


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