Question about callsigns

What do I do when there isn’t an airline in the callsign setting?

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Ask yourself a few questions.

Is the livery in the game?

If it is in the game then contact Cameron about that

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Who’s Cameron?

A staff member . They don’t like being tagged. @Cameron

@discobot fortune

Can this not send a notification to Cameron?

:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Great example mate.

You have indeed tagged Cam. A Scot will arrive shortly, please standby. A way to not send a notification is to not tag them, it’s sort of in the word ‘tag’. 🙄

If there isn’t a airline callsign for an airline that isn’t in game, the best immediate suggestion is to either use the callsign of an/the aircraft from the airline you’re flying, or a personal callsign which you can make up, or one that is used in the real world. 🙂


In the future if you want to give someone’s @ without tagging them, use a space. @ cameron


The airline is in the game Ladeco

Ah, this is already known. Hopefully it should be added pretty soon.

Thanks for understanding!


Here’s what i do in cases like these (cries in sudan air)

Reg code of one of the airline’s aircraft

generic livery

annd youre good to go!

Then why do you tag me…? 🤨

Callsign requests should go in Features, no need to DM me about this.