Question about calculate ETE

Is there any method to calculate ETE?


It really depends on winds and things like that. The best bet to get an accurate flight time, is to use or

Both are very great tools in planning flights and details such as cruising altitudes, fuel required and ETE.

I have it so at the bottom it says Time to dest. which is practically ETE

I believe that’s ETA (estimated time of arrival.) he’s talking about ETE, (which may or may not be the same, idk)

ETA = Estimated time of arrival (landing time)

ETE = Estimated Time En-route (how long is my flight / how long until en-route time ends)

The bottom ribbon does have an option for ETE, which will vary based on your current GS. If you would like to do this calculation yourself, I suggest getting familiar with an E6B and doing the math. That being said, simbreif and other tools provide a mostly reliable ETE for your route

I absolutely second using Simbrief as an accurate flight planner. Simbrief takes into account your aircraft type, winds aloft, altitude and other things such as ISA deviation etc. to give you a pretty accurate time.

Just remember this number and you will get almost right time:

600nm - 1,5 hours

Always presumed ETE was the same as ETA - you live and learn. Though, in my opinion Simbrief is a little “buggy”. Sometimes the -3500ft/m descent speeds to landing seem partially unrealistic.

Heard from real pilot that they used -5000 ft/min VS during landing in Turkey and that was normal, not emergency approach. P.S. It was A320 or 321.

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Were they landing a washing machine?


Nope XD. I can give you a link to russian stream + interview with a real pilot. So you can somehow hear it there 🤔

Ha! Sure thing! :)

I asked a real BA 747 pilot this question, to which he said something similar in all fairness which isn’t even necessarily expedited

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During landing or during descent? This is a number you would only see for a limited time to get back on your descent profile if atc kept you too high, I can not remember my last time to descent with -5000ft/min.


Sure during descent and yes, they were trying to catch their profile back. Scary right? Wasn’t it just easier to make a 360?

Not scary if you know what you are doing ;), it will take only 1 or 2 minutes with this descent rates to be back on profile.

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Maybe pilots know what they are going to do, but not passengers XD… Just imagine this pitch…

They won’t notice, speedbrake do magic it only makes a noise and sometimes you get the feeling of some turbulent air.

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Oh thanks for your comment. I’ll try.

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