Question about Background App Refresh on Apple Devices

Hello there, by turning off the “Background App Refresh” on Apple devices, can this improve the performance of Infinite Flight?


Probably. The App Refresh allows apps to check in the background but only at certain times, locations and battery levels. So if alot of apps request stuff at the same time it may crash IF. I would turn it off just for that small but meaningful performance boost


I never thought of that! Great idea! Yeah, it probably does

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I have tried this in the past and noticed a small but noticeable improvement in my performance.

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Yes there is a way to manage “background app refresh” on iOS.

  • Go to Settings

  • Open General

  • Select background app refresh

  • Select the app you want to manage

I would assume this would improve performance as less apps would be refreshing in the background, thus requiring less RAM.

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