Question about audio and livestream

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In Android when we want to do some stream with internal audio the apps need to accepts to record internal audio…

Does Infinite Flight accepts this autorisation ?



Do you mean is there a screen recorder for android that records internal audio @Frenchix1?

No… Uhmmmm i already one AZ screen recorder but when you select internal audio the app says that :

I have tried that screen recorder on an Android and it does not work for Infinite Flight.

  • If you are using Android 10 or later there is an in built screen recorder. Check this

When you click record there is an option to record no sound, internal audio microphone or just internal audio:

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Okay thank you… I’m not sure that i have this option on l’y Huawei devices but i’m gonna look at it

Thanks @Luke_King-kong !


Okay, you should be if it is android 10 or later. Give me a “@” if you have it sorted or no :)

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It doesn’t work… @Luke_King-kong :( so i Will not do any stream… Sad moment for me 😥

That is really strange, I am so sorry I could not help you @Frenchix1 :(

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