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After and approach controller gives you vectors to a LOC and clears you on that LOC ( CallSign maintain 4000 turn left heading 120 , maintain 4000 until established on the LOC, cleared ILS RWY …)and then you’re on that localizer, what should I do if he gives me another set of vectors and says another vector until established on the LOC because when I disconnect the LOC I lose VS and a possibility of diving and losing control of my aircraft. So what do I do in that situation?

If your aircraft is properly trimmed and your device is calibrated this shouldn’t happen. Always make sure there is no pink bar on the trim square (on the HUD).

You always follow ATC instructions (unless its clear that its a mistake - such as when a vector takes you directly into terrain)

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A radar controller on expert usually would not give you another vector to intercept if you were already established for the localizer on the correct runway. That’s usually only done for those who fail to intercept and establish. Usually happens for pilots that don’t understand the turn from the 30 degree intercept heading to the localizer is their responsibility.

It would be best to talk with the controller to see what the exact situation here was.


Well this did happen and it was the controller vectoring me in for the LOC so I’m not sure why he did it. I was on my 30 degrees interception

I don’t believe anything in my comment suggests this didn’t happen. It’s just not very standard. Usually only happens when a pilot does not turn to intercept and/or overshoots the localizer (sometimes due to a late turn or going to fast). Your most recent comment suggests you were on the intercept, but your earlier comment suggests you were fully established. Had you actually intercepted and established on the localizer — meaning had you turned to final and were fully on the localizer?

With all that being said, if you truly have questions about why something happened, the controller providing the service is the only person who can accurately explain the situation. Did they turn you again because you overshot, was there conflicting traffic, was there an altitude issue, did they simply make a mistake? That individual is the only person who has all the facts. If you truly want an answer to your question, reach out to them. I can assure you they would be happy to answer.

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