Question about ATC

In I.F can the IFATC make you turn as soon as you takeoff?

Example: C-HRIS, Runway 33, cleared for takeoff, immediate turn heading 310


Us ATC do not have the capability to issue a heading on a takeoff clearance in IF, but this can be done in real life.

Also, if you have a question pertaining to ATC, make sure to put the category as #atc. ;)


We only have the option to assign you runway heading until a certain altitude to deconflict with something or someone.


This would be a cool feature to have. This phraseology is used a lot IRL at (e.g KORD) where there aren’t published SIDS, its just radar vectors to a waypoint.

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Just searching around and found a feature request for this. Feel free to support the addition of tower vectoring below with a vote.


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