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I was wondering, if there is control, for example: someone requests to land on Rwy 36C but the runway is in ‘closed’. So is there control for me to say: this is runway is ‘closed’ please vector to other runway?

Just vector them to a runway thats open. If you’re practicing on TS, then sometimes they’ll go rouge and land on the runway you said is closed.

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Yeah, ok… I am asking if i am tower… I cant vector them if im tower, can i?


Your best bet, is to send them a message saying found under ‘Misc Messages’ which is ‘Please wait for clearance before landing’.

Since you are Tower, you won’t be able to vector aircraft.

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Just tell them to enter a traffic position for whichever runway you want them to land on (probably downwind).

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But sadly if they are comited to land on closed runway they will :(

Yeah they should put meassage like: runway is closed please vector to runway xx

You can vector aircraft as approach or departure if this helps but sadly you cannot control tower as well!

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Best you can do is ignore them. Unfortunately, most people on TS1 absolutely have to obey their flight plans 🤷🏼‍♂️


There is no such thing as a closed runway. A runway that is labeled red is just one with unfavorable winds, but by no means is that a way of saying that the runway should not be used. Quite frequently, ATC will utilize these red runways becaus they bode favorable for traffic management.


I’ve had atc tell me the 25’s and 24’s are closed at lax many times. It has also happened at EGLL. The thing is these runways are green with little wind, so I don’t know whats up, but it’s weird.

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yes i know there is no closed runway that is why i put it in ‘xxxx’ . I guess it was my mistake. Thanks for the answer😀.

pon., 14. jan. 2019 18:07 je oseba BluePanda900 via Infinite Flight Community napisala:

Well, even so, since he is the controller and he wants to used a specific runway the pilot has to follow his instructions.

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Yeah saddly some of users just dont want to Listen to ATC.

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Ohhh apologies, I misread the post as from a pilots perspective. In that case, you can give a pattern entry to the correct runway and just unable if the runway change they request is not feasibly possible


And there’s your answer @Matevz_Treven 👆🏼

As Tower you decide what runways will be used for inbounds. This is mostly based on wind direction. I often check to see which runways are in use in real life. After you as Tower decides on the inbound runways, you instruct the inbounds via pattern entry instruction to their runway. Now you may receive a request from an inbound for a runway that is ‘inactive’ (meaning, Tower doesn’t use it). That can happen. But as Tower you still lead this aircraft to one of the active runways.

And of course, when the pilot decides to ignore you, you try to work around this guy as best as you can.


Thank you!

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