Question about ATC

So I have been getting into using the ATC side of IF rather than flying aircraft. I was controlling KSAN and I was using runway 24 for inbound traffic. I noticed a flight inbound and I acknowledged his presence in the airspace, however he was not following my instructions about landing on runway 24. I sent him the “Please follow instructions” message, however he continued to ignore my request.
I was wondering if that was the correct approach to take when someone is entering from the wrong end of the airport/runway or is there something else I should be doing.

No he was probably just Being difficult. You would tell him to enter left/right downwind runway X(the one you want)

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I figured he was just trying to be difficult. Thanks for responding Carson!

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Anytime! :)

I just ignore those buggers. They don’t realise how much time ATC controllers spend helping people like them out, and making the sim more realistic too.


Last time I checked KSAN had 27 and 09. Did they change the runway numbers?
Disregarding that for a moment, just do the best you can to ignore the buggers:) there’s no way of getting away from them on the playground server unfortunately. Sounds like to me you were correct and knew what you were doing, it’s the pilots fault.


u sure u not talking bout NUC

He might have been. Or mixed the 2 up XD

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i mean they both fill with penuts on pg


You got that right for sure

Oh god how embarassing. I got mixed up with KNUC.

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This used to frustrate me tremendously when I was controlling on the playground. The best thing to do is ignore them if they don’t follow instructions. Once it is apparent they are not going to follow instructions then ignore everything they send afterwards.

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