Question about ATC Tracking Threads

Hey there, I just wanted to ask if I’m allowed to make an ATC tracking thread even though I don’t have a recruiter or trainer yet?


Yes, anyone is allowed to make a tracking thread.

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Thank you!

?? It says on the rules you cant and i had to close mine cuZ of thAt

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I’m confused now.

In support of @Hamzaviator, I quote the first ATC category rule:

Unless this rule is for whatever reason, outdated. Though unlikely based on what happened to Hamza. But I am sure you would know and some clarification would be nice.


@Thunderbolt should I still make one? I would love to control people who actually listen follow instructions. I’ve applied for IFATC, just haven’t been assigned a Recruiter or Trainer.

I stand corrected. Refer to the above comments.

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Oh well that’s a bit of a shame, thanks anyways!

I swear it used to be like this, though.

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Once you get assigned a recruiter and start communicating with them, you can clarify with them if you can get a tracking thread started but I believe once that happens, you can.

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Since the inception of the ‘About ATC category’ topic and in every edit of that topic, the rule remained the same. If anybody were or is able to get away from it, they seem to have been blessed enough to avoid being verified that they are in the ATC recruiting process.

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Alrighty no worries, thank you so much!

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But some members did with out being under IFATC training.

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If you are referring to people being able to open tracking threads without being in the ATC recruiting process, please refer to this quote in my reply to tunamkol:

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