Question about ATC phraseology

When listening to the tower frequency at LSGG, I sometimes hear what I think is “maintain 24 miles” or 14. I was wondering what that could mean. I’ve also heard the pilots say “established on the localiser 14 miles”

Since it’s maybe just me hearing it wrong, here’s an example. If you go in put the recording of LSGG July the first 2019 17-1730 Zulu go at plus 3mins 30secs. You’ll hear it.

If anyone know what it means I’d be happy to know. Thanks!

Sounds to me as the Pilot is established on the ILS localiser 14 miles out from touchdown.


And what about when the ATC says: maintain 24 miles.?

I haven’t noted a time to show you the example unfortunately

Couldnt tell you that, but the 14 miles us 1t miles from touckdown

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👍 thanks. Not that I understand why they’d say it since the atc can see it. Maybe to double check…

But it makes sense now that I think about it

“Established on the localizer one four (14) miles, speed one six zero (160).”

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It’s usually a speed instruction. For example, maintain 160kts to 4 miles.

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