Question about atc instruction

Hi, Today I was landing at a controlled airport. The controller said to me, descend and maintain 3,000. So I follow such instructions. Then he says and repeats, expedite altitude change. I thoughg it was don’t descend to 3000 but I don’t know what its meaning is. Maybe it sounds like dumb but i never experienced it before. I didn’t have a report.

He means to speed up your rate of descent to 3,000


In this case, you were probably descending too slowly. Like @Dwane_S stated, if you hear this command, just try to get to the assigned altitude faster, as it could otherwise mess with spacing or other factors that the controller must deal with.


If perchance this was at ZBAA, it was probably me.

Here’s the thing.

While you guys are making your way to the intercept, I’m constantly checking your descent rate, speed, distance remaining, etc.

Sometimes it seems as if pilots have a set V/S they’re going to use and they aren’t adjusting for proximity to intercept.

In these scenarios, where you’re still at 9k with 15 nm before intercept, you need to get down. Hence, expedite your altitude change.

The be-utterly-surprised-that-you-are-too-high-at-the-last-moment-and-do-360s-at-the-cone-or-dive-bomb thing doesn’t work for me.


Oh yeah you were that. I was good with the V/S. In my perspective my altitude desc. Rate was good. Thanks for your help! Next time…

Well, remember, you’re not using the full distance to the end of your route. I need you to be under the glide slope a little bit out from the runway. I can also measure your distance and time to that point with the heading vector and your V/S using the timer, so I’m doing the math. If I wasn’t continually slowing you down, you would have blown right by it.

If I’m using expedite change, I’ve done the math and it doesn’t work, so you would either need a significant slowdown in speed or to increase your V/S.

I need you ready to go when it’s time to give the intercept heading. I can’t have you at 7k still and just expect you’ll lose the last 4k in the last 20 seconds,


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