Question about ATC commands

Im not sure if this has been answered, so I apologize if this is a duplicate (I couldn’t find a similar topic)
So I noticed, when I’m controlling on the training server, when I clear someone to take off/land, it tells them the winds. ex: Winds calm, cleared to land or Winds 30 at 140, clear for take off. But when I’m on the expert server and ATC clears me to TO/land, I only hear: runway 25R cleared for takeoff. Why is this?

Maybe you should post this in the Support category if someone else hasn’t already.

I posted it under meta and a staff member changed it to ATC…

It is possible that this is an issue in the IF. If so, you should either post to Support or send an email reporting the issue, as there are no two response options for the question you raised.

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It will only appear on the ATC side for now. This is not an issue :)

Ok, thanks

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