Question about ATC Commands

Hello, I have 2 question to ask.

  1. What is the meaning for "Proceed on course to (Dest).
  2. Altitude is at your discretion.

Thank you for the answer.


The first one means that you can just follow your flight plan and the second means you can do to whatever altitude that you want.


Additionally, if you’ve been given these commands but then receive a vector from ATC, follow that vector regardless of your FPL/preferred altitude.


okay, if the ATC ask me to turn to 290 then maintain 8000ft. and i follow, after that i request for flight following, atc give proceed on course, then suddenly he reported me… why?

Unfortunately we can’t explain your ghost as we aren’t the controller.

Can you tell us the name of the controller who ghosted you? This can be found in your logbook.

its jetairways955, already contact him but not replying … Just want to ask, what is the min vertical flight separation.

Ok. If you’ve contacted him, give him some time to respond.

For aircraft under approach control, separation minimums are 3nm lateral and/or 1000 feet vertical difference. For VFR aircraft, we typically operate under a “see and avoid” basis where it is the pilots job to maintain safe separation with other traffic. (Standard VFR procedure).

I could be wrong but if you requested “flight following,” it’s assumed that you’re a VFR pilot and under VFR, the responsibility is on you to maintain safe separation.
Again, I’m not an IFATC controller or trainer, but as a real-world pilot, that’s how it usually goes.

That part ☝️☝️ 💯💯

VFR in a 777. All about the Realism™. As already stated, your only recourse is to discuss with the controller.

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This sounds like a controller to pilot issue in disguise

Guys, the OP has been directed and has already contacted the controller involved. The controller will explain everything to the OP with reasoning behind the report given.

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Close the topic…question answered

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