Question about ATC camera view

When I am in ATC camera view, I seem to be able to tap on the screen and the camera will follow a plane, and tap again and the tracking will go off. What is this feature called and how is it actually supposed to work? I don’t seem to be able to select the plane that the camera starts following. I just found it by accident, so am not sure how it is really supposed to work.

Was it in controller mode or were you online as a pilot. Maybe when you’re the pilot it follows you and when you’re controlling it follows the plane you choose on radar. No time to try cause I’m kind of working right now ;)

In pilot mode. It does not follow my plane. It tracks other movement, but I’m not sure how it selects what to track.

You just tap the plane or double tap and it locks on, and double tap away from it and it unlocks. It’s used to follow a specific planes movements.

Ok. It just doesn’t seem to relate to what plane I tap. It seems to have a mind of its own. But I’ll keep trying.

Hmm that’s weird where there planes behind the one you tried to select sometimes it gets confused

This function sounds nice. I found it once in solo mode where its (of course) following your own plane when double tapping the screen.
I will definitely try it out on live when I’m at home at 0700L