Question about ATC approach on expert servers.

Today as I finished my FNF from Perth to London,(the flight was amazing btw) EGLL was packed with planes! And as I was following the vectors given I thought, “wow, is there seriously one dude doing all of this” but then I thought that there HAD to be multiple people controlling it at once. Because it is humanly impossible for one person to be sending so many messages and vectors at such a speed. So my question is that is there multiple people controlling? If so how many? A response would be appreciated.

there were 2 approaches active at EGLL (sometimes)

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Don’t forget that audio messages run behind on the instructions. An instruction can be given by the press of a button, but the audio (the speaking of the instruction) takes longer. So the result of this effect is that pilots who listen, hear a constant stream of audio instructions.

And apart from that, we have some very experienced radar controllers out there.

When there are multiple radar controllers open, they divide traffic load between them; one deals with traffic from the South, the other from the north (for example). Some airports allow 4 radar controllers, and the ATIS (which you listen to before you contact Approach) will tell you which frequency to tune into.
As a pilot, you only hear traffic on your frequency, so you won’t hear the other controller.


Really? Only two? Props to those two people.


Yeah that is true. Thanks for the info!

Sometimes even 1. =) Respect IFATC.✊


1 person per frequency. So 2 approach frequencies active means there were 2 approach controllers.

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Couple of times I’ve seen Tim handling Ground, Approach, Departure, and Tower, absolutely crazy, man.


Perks of being a highly skilled supervisor ;)

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