Question About Asian Airlines

Hi everyone!

I have a real quick question for anyone who knows the answer…

Why do quite a few airlines based in Asia have only/mainly long-haul aircraft in their fleets (EX:Singapore, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, etc.) as apposed to airlines in the US for example which have lots of different types of planes?

Just a random thought I had that I couldn’t figure out.
P.S. let me now if this is the right category (I don’t post topics like this much)


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Most likely due to demand of international travel, whereas in the U.S. there is a large demand for both domestic and international travel. Just my guess…


I suppose that makes sense, thanks for the response!

I think the same of Virgin Atlantic.

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That is true, I was just using Asia as an example…

Also think about the geographical spread of the main Asian airport hubs. They aren’t thattttt close together leading to only a few short flights between popular locations. Secondly, airlines such as Cathay and Singapore gather most of their retained profit by flying to and from Asia, bringing and taking people away and to asia, not taking them around within Asia. That’s why Air Asia, who follow low cost leadership, are so successful, as they supply most of the domestic flights in Asia.

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That’s a good point! Never thought about it that way.

That makes lot of sense, just for flights like Singapore to Osaka operated with a Boeing 787-10. And what makes my mind explode is the ANA flight from Narita (tokyo) to Osaka with their A380!!

The flight from Narita to Osaka are only traingin flights, as the aircraft is built to fly exclusively on the Tokyo-Honolulu route 😊

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