Question about Arrival and Approach

Hey I’m looking for some help with my FPL to KMIA, but only on STAR and APPROACH.
I’m currently flying from Cancún (MMUN) to Miami (KMIA) and before starting my flight, I tried to select the appropriate arrival and then approach. The problem is that when I select an arrival/STAR for Miami, it ends at the waypoint “KMIA” (CURSO5) (as shown on the image).

I tried to select another STAR, but the other one I found (DVALL3) ends with a VOR just before the runway and obviously doesn’t work with the Approach.
So my question is how can I do a FPL which includes the STAR and the APPROACH without interfering each other. I know that I could just erase KMIA from the STAR, but that would make me lost the whole STAR section, and I will not be able to tell Center Frequency that I’m descending via XXXX STAR. I think, I haven’t got the opportunity to try
Any idea of how can I fix this?

I hope it’s on the correct category

APP is before STAR. Switch those two and it should work.

After BEETR, activate INESS.

@ThomasThePro No, it isn’t.

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I’m having this issue to, all the arrivals go to the VOR. (It’s not really an issue, just the procedures of the airport 😅)

I’m fixing it by leaving the STARS in and manually adjusting the Autopilot to follow the procedures without heading towards the VOR. I’m also manually adjusting the altitude to what I think is about right so my VNAV doesn’t descend too late.

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Thanks! Will try @Thunderbolt @Ecoops123

Tje STAR comes first. The approach is the final descent toward the runway. That’s why the approaches all are runway numbers and STARs can be for all runways.

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