Question about approaching and landing

I have noticed that, although my flight plan directs me to the destination airport — in this case TCNM —, when approaching to land, the runway is not align; furthermore, the ILS or GPS do not correspond to the correct approach. Please let me now your opinions and suggestions. Thank you.


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If you tap and hold on the ILS/GPS thing it should bring up a menu, choose the runway you want, then you should see a ‘*’ that means it cannot be changed unless you change it;


So your Flight Plan won’t Align with the ILS/GPS? Are you using waypoints and VOR. Here is an Guide on how to use it.


If you are basing your alignment off of waypoints and you are expecting them to line you up with the runway then be careful as the waypoints aren’t always true to the runway headings.

Yes, I know that. But they are far away from the runway.

I have done that, but does not function anyway. Runway is always far away ti the left or to the right.

Does this tutorial help?

EDIT - I had attached the wrng video. Have a look at this one.


Here read they these on the ILS approach and filing a flight plan.

Also wind will play a major role in what heading you will be flying to maintain that course.

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Thanks, but I have seen the tutorial and I know what ILS and LOC are. The issue is that the runway comes up always far to the left or to the right.

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What do you mean? Are you having trouble lining up with the runway?

Thanks very much. I have seen it many times; the issue is that the runway comes up always far to the left or to the right.

If it’s coming up to the left or right you aren’t centered on the localizer.


Yes, I know, that is exactly the problem.

Is the approach for the right airport and runway?

So adjust your heading so you are centered on the localizer.


I still dont understand what exactly you are experincing.
Are you following the vertical and horizontal ILS indicators all the way down? And is the airport/runway indicator showing the runway you are aiming for?
If so, you should end-up right in front of the runway.

Perhaps you could add some screenshots?

You have to be centered on the localizer in order to be lined up with the runway correctly. Once you’re centered, flying at the heading shown on the localizer will keep you centered ONLY if there’s no wind. Any kind of wind will throw you off center again, so what I do and what I recommend you do is counter the effects of the wind by applying some rudder on your way down.

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Negative, you “crab” in then use the rudder as you are touching down. *for most aircraft


Just make sure you fly Wind Correction for the heading showed on the LOC as Jake explained Above.