Question about approach

I am doing a flight to KLGA right now and am about 50nm out. I was wondering since LaGuardia does not have approach right now could JFK approach vector me in?


YUp :) it can

I am assuming it is all controller preference? I just contacted JFK approach and they told me LGA was outside of covrage area.

I believe that these are the airports covered by KJFK Approach:

(This is in the ATC menu.)

KLGA Approach is a completely separate frequency (which only serves KLGA and no other airports):

The answer to your question is: KLGA is not served by KJFK Approach. KLGA Approach is separate from KJFK.

Hope this was helpful!

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Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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If u like i will atc you on KLGA :)

Not today they will not

Sorry, I didn’t see you reply in time, otherwise I would have totaly said yes 🙁

Its okay :)

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