Question about appraoch freq

When ATC tells you to expect vectors for a runway, do you continue flying your flight plan or maintain the same heading and alt until given instructions?

Keep flying as you were until you receive vectors.


So continue following my fpl?

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Correct. Just fly like normal until you get further instructions


Makes sense. Thanks.

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A very valid question, especially with the changes in how we fly with the introduction of STARS and SIDS.

Approach will give you two different instructions that should clarify for you. As you tune from center to approach (or just tune into approach without center) you’ll simply make your request (do not check in if you are making contact with approach for the first time). So ask for ILS, visual, GPS, or radar vectors. Typically if you have a flight plan, you’ll ask for ILS/Visual/GPS.

Approach will then reply to either say “expect vectors for the ILS/Visua/GPS and assigned runway”, or “Continue as filed, expect ILS/Visual/GPS for runway X”.

When you are given continue as filed, you maintain your flight plan into the runway and approach will move you around or control your speed as necessary. If you are given vectors, maintain your current heading and then wait for instructions from approach as they will be giving you vectors into the runway.


so if u did not have a star but just an ils approach in your flight plan and u request that approach and you hear back expect ils, continue as filed, is that giving u permission to decend even if no altitudes are set in your plan??

That is correct

Thank you very much

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