Question about APPR, what does it control?

Hey! I have a really bad question, but I have no idea what the answer is.

So when I’m on approach to a runway, and I’m using APPR (I usually land manual, but that’s besides the point), does APPR control everything except speed, or can I control pitch (trim) as well?


Yes APPR controls everything except for speed. :)


Thanks! Much appreciated

All questions have their own reasons. There is no stupid question.

You should understand the establishing localizer while approaching. And if you did everything OK for localizer, you can get relax to click on APPR and everything will be fine, you will need just to control your speed and check winds etc for landing.


The glidescope is more important than the localizer. If you’re below the glidescope or above it, you may experience some unwanted vertical jerking motion. If you’re on an intercept angle with the localizer, APPR will make the intercept for you


In case you haven’t see this one, here’s a good tutorial on the auto-land feature.

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There’s really no such thing as a stupid question, really.

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You can still control trim - there is no auto trim function in IF. Ideally you should have trimmed the aircraft prior to engaging approach mode and then leave it alone during the approach.

Approach mode controls pitch and roll.

APPR also retards the throttle just as your about to touch down.


And at touchdown, APPR engages the brakes.

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@azeeuwnl in this video, we can see that strobes are reflected on the ground. But in the game, i am checking all the controls but i can’t find it. Does it still working?

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@CK777, this was a feature back before the ‘global update’ was released. The developers haven’t been able to put in the ground lighting feature yet.

If you want to vote for this feature, the link to the feature request is below


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