Question about Android Smartphone for IF

Hello IF community, it’s me again hahaha. I would like to know about the people who have an Android Smartphone. What is the best Smartphone to run the IF everything at maximum, without crashing?

This topic has reviews on many different devices and on what settings they can run IF on 🙂


I would say the Samsung Galaxy S10. It’s my dad’s and works perfect with all high settings and with a lot of replay files.


I can confirm that


Well, technically if we’re answering the OPs question correctly, it would currently be any device equipped with the Snapdragon 888, so:

  • The Samsung S21 and S21 Ultra

  • Then also both of the newest Samsung Fold phones

  • The ROG Phone 5

  • One plus 9 and 9 pro

  • Zenfone 8

  • Sony Xperia 1 iii and 5 iii

And many many more. If you’re after a device specifically for just infinite flight, then the ROG 5 would likely be the best on the list.

Otherwise, if you want a phone that works as, say, a phone, you might want to evaluate a couple of other things first.

But then it’s also worth mentioning some older devices work fine too. I run IF on both my Pixel 4XL and S10+ and both perform fine.


I am using S21, and it is perfect for flying IF so far.

My phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, it costed me around $230 dollars and it runs good. I think it is one of the cheapest phones that can run IF at maximum. Of course it sometimes overheat and there’s a lot of better options if money is not a problem.

I’m thinking about the ZTE Nubia Redmagic gaming phones. They have smooth 144fps limit and has a built-in cooling system for hardware care. Just don’t bring it out or get it wet because there’s an air vent that can expose the components to rocks or water.

The S20 FE 5G, S21 series and even the new S22 should and are masters at gaming! You can check the device compatibility! (SAMSUNG EDITION) ;)

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You guys use S10s?
I use a 2017 S8+ and it runs IF just fine

I’m using Infinix S4 with 6GB RAM and working perfectly fine.

Samsung Galaxy S20FE. All in max settings. IT is smooth and work perfectly.

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then. I saw Rog Phone 5 here on the internet and it’s almost 6 thousand reais here in Brazil. That’s because there are taxes


The snapdragon 860 can handle IF without any issues on max graphics as well. The phone I use is the POCO X3 PRO, it’s not very expensive but offers a great performance. It’s around 200€

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