Question about an E190 livery

G’day(or Night) IFC, So we know that the Embraer rework is coming soon™ and im trying to find a feature request for a livery before I create on. Im trying to look for the Azul Linhas Areas Brasileiras Pink livery (Breast Cancer livery, if Im not wrong) as I think it’s a beautiful livery imo just like on the Neo.

I wasn’t able to find any feature request so I didn’t want to create one that would eventually get close because I didn’t see it. So if somebody finds a feature request for it, link it for me please and if it’s confirmed that there is No Feature request for it, then I’ll create one. Thanks!

Picture of Livery


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I don’t think it exists yet, so maybe you can create one

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Ah ok, I won’t be creating it till probably 12 hours (Gtg sleep)

If someone would like to beat me to it, go ahead and do so.