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is there anywhere on the forum where I can find an approximate cruise true airspeed for the different airplanes


Hey, Tyler.

I’ve never seen a post before on this, but your best friend is google. However, also consider the route time. Smaller planes will fly slower, but big planes will also on short routes.

Planes like the 777 and 747 can fly up to 0.85 during cruise on long routes, but on shorter ones as slow as 0.78.

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Check this site:
Aircraft Performance Database (

Hey Tyler!

There is this post from a while ago. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but it may help a bit! It has fuel burns and different suggested speeds.

@Reid yea I know that I was looking for specific values

@FlightGT that was something I was looking for so thank you :)

@Aaron.C this will help to thank you :)


Hey Tyler:

Cruise True Airspeed isn’t one set value. True airspeed will be different on every plane with factors such as weight, and atmospheric conditions

Yes I do know that that’s why I was asking for an approximation

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There won’t be an “approximate” normal cruise true airspeed. Pilots take account the current atmospheric conditions before and sometimes during to calculate there true airspeed

Yes I do know that. I just wanted some general number that’s somewhat realistic for the purposes of IF

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