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So on Wednesday, one of the airports featured is Eagle County (EGE) in Colorado. In Infinite Flight there is a TFR restricting all aircraft bigger than an A321/737 (I’m sure you’ve seen it before). But in real life, American flies 757s in from Miami, JFK and Philly and United flies their 757s in from. I’m not going to say I haven’t flown a 757 to Miami from EGE 😉, but there was not ATC. So if I were to fly a 757 into EGE from Philly with active ATC, would I be forced to divert to Denver or would I be able to land?


Before, the TFR used to say no aircraft larger than the 757/A321. That’s strange. I would think it would be fine as the AA 757 flies there IRL but I would wait for IFATC or someone of higher power to confirm.

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I just looked and it still says A321 but I hope someone that’s really official can let me know like you said

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If the TFR is incorrect, that’s something you’ll have to take up with Tyler or another member of the staff.

We will obey the TFR unless instructed otherwise by a superior, so as of right now, you can expect to be told to divert.


Answer: yes, as per the TFR.

TFRs used in IF are mostly in-line with real world scenarios. But sometimes, during special events, the TFT may differ. As @TaipeiGuru mentioned, you’re free to chat to any of the moderators with comments or queries.


That’s what I’ll expect, if I decide to fly in I may PM the controller when I’m approaching to see if I need to prepare to divert

I’ll try contact Tyler about this, thanks!

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Changes regarding the Aspen and Eagle County TFRs

Aspen [KASE] - No aircraft larger than a CRJ-900 are authorized at Aspen. All larger aircraft, including the B737 and A320 family, must divert to a suitable airport.

Eagle County [KEGE] - No aircraft larger than a B757 is authorized at Eagle County. All others must divert to a suitable airport

Note: B737 and A320 are no longer authorized at Aspen


Thanks Tyler!

I’ll be flying my AA 757 in from Philly on Wednesday

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