Question about aircraft names

Hi I have a question about the names of aircraft’s. When there’s an aircraft on Flightradar24 for example an A320-200 why does it say A320-232 instead of -200? I’ve always wondered this and see it on every type of aircraft and never understood it

In the case of Boeing, the last two digits are the customer code.

I’m not exactly sure it’s the same with Airbus.


With Airbus it’s engine codes:


I see thank you

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Thank you :)

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About Airbus, this is what you mentioned:

Airbus has some type of sub-variant of variants. The Airbus A320 officially has two variants, the unpopular Airbus A320-100 and the much more popular Airbus A320-200 (there’s the NEO series, but those are officially designated as a completely different aircraft). Then we have the Airbus A318, A319, and A321 that are based off of the Airbus A320 but are also different aircraft. The small differences in numberings (for example, the Airbus A320-232) are usually tiny differences, like differences in engine options (as @AndrewWu mentioned) or differences in MTOW/MLW.

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Thank you for explaining :)