Question about Acrobatics

I like to fly upside down. Will I get violated for doing this?

In casual server, no. Training and Expert, yes

Oh dear. Even in a military aircraft…😢


Well this depends. If you’re next to an airport then yes, but if you’re in the middle of the Atlantic, no. You can fly inverted on Expert, but do so away from any airports otherwise you may recieve an Aerobatics Level 1 Violation.


The casual server welcomes aerobatics as there is no violation/ghost system there.

As always, @Maxim is right. You are free to do as many aerobatics as you want, as long as you are high above and far away from any airfield. Happy flying!😁

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No, you will not be ghosted for aerobatics on Expert as long as you’re not in the vicinity of an aerodrome. You won’t need to worry about this if you’re above 5000 feet. If Center is active announce that you’re flying VFR. Make sure that you don’t conflict with other traffic.

If you’re wanting to do a display at low level then do it on Casual.


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