Question About 3D Airports

I would like to start by thanking the developers for 21.4. I can’t imagine how much work and time it takes to develop these airports; however, I do have a question about why certain airports are chosen. I understand that some airports such as Chicago do not have updated satellite imagery, but I am wondering why major airports such as Atlanta, Cairo, Miami, Dallas and others have not been completed. I have seen people request these airports many times, and I feel like more people would enjoy flying to these airports instead of the smaller, lesser known ones. Again, I thank the developers for creating these marvelous airports, but I am still wondering why many major airports were not prioritized.

The devs have said multiple times that they do intend to make these airports, and most of the world’s airports, in 3D, in the future.

One reason though could be that they want to prioritise flying to smaller, lesser known but nonetheless amazing and relevant airports - like WS17, which is a feeder airport for Oshkosh (with EAA around the corner), or TNCM with its iconic landing views, or VNLK with its challenging approach. Also, diversity for the win! It’s part of the reason why the ATC schedule was dropped too - to promote a more global outlook and more diversity in the airports that are opened around the world.

I find it cool that they’ve adopted a different approach from other simulators - who normally would do the “popular” airports first and then add in the smaller ones as an afterthought. Here they’re doing every airport with painstaking care, and making sure even the little ones don’t get left behind. TNCM is a classic example - when was the last time before it was updated in 3D, that you’ve seen it get so much traffic in Infinite Flight (it literally nearly stretched the IFATC team to its limits that day haha)


I think they should allow airport requests for 21.5 just to see how it works out. I would personally love to see Anchorage in 3D.

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While as stated above they plan to cover the world in 3D in the future and as time goes on.
Your quote below i somewhat disagree in a sense.

While yes most enjoy flying to the big hubs, they are also trying to produce diversity and encorouge flying to smaller lesser known airports and places. Most people flying Hub to Hub actually miss out on most of the best scenery around the world as most places are out of the main stream flying areas. they do cover hubs in each update so far but also want to get people to explore and fly to places never been before.

3D Airports are the bleeding edge feature of Infinit Flight.
I could imagine that not everything they try to achieve was that easy as it looks like.
May be they are working already on one or the other of the airports you are requesting, but there where difficulty’s, or it wasn’t just possible in time for this update, or the editor got sick and and no one could take over in time, …
I have no clue what and why specifically, but I can imagine a lot more reasons why something is ready for this release and some other things not.

Since when do we have global?
IFAET is still not done with 2D airports around the world, there are still Bravos unedited, and there are already numerous airports that need to be updated due to real world construction.

Since when do we have 3 D airports?
Well, you got the point, don’t you?

Patience, patience is the key.

Simple answer ~ there are over 30,000 we could do. We can’t do them all at once, so we pick a selection that represents major hubs, GA airports, and so on.