Question about 20.1


So I have a question about 20.1, On Training server you can get Lvl 1,2,3 vios still right?

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On training server you can only receive level 1 violations / system generated violations


Level 2 and 3 are like Ghosts from before that you receive from IFATC on Expert while Level 1 is like a violation.

Pretty sure you can get Level 1 and 2s, ive got a 2 on the TS

you can only get L1s on TS, since they are system-generated.

L2 and L3 are issued by controllers, and only IFATC and supervisors/mods/staff can issue these.

thus, you can only receive L2s and L3s on ES, where IFATC have jurisdiction, and where all high rank pilots are flying

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Ohhhh alright! Thank you!

Keep in mind though, that if a dev or mod is on the TS, and they choose to report you, you could receive a level 2 or 3 from them.

Devs, mods, and a handful of pre-selected individuals have rights to report from the pilot’s button.

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