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What is the difference between super and heavy ?
Is this affected by the control tower "ATC"orders in the landing brigades?

the suffixes “heavy” and “super” are classified differently in different countries. In America, “heavy” is reserved for aircraft with an MTOW of more than 41,000 pounds (19 t) and less than 300,000 pounds (140 t). “super” is reserved for A380s and AN225s. These suffixes are mainly used to warn smaller aircraft of the wake turbulence caused by large planes.


Officially, I believe only the Airbus A380 has the ability to be classified as super. Not sure about the Antonov AN-225…

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The Antonov AN225 is classed as a super.


The AN-225 is technically classified as super because of it’s MTOW, but we rarely hear it
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Thanks guys

Can any of you write to me here the classification of aircraft in the game …

There is no official classification, as you’ll regularly see even GA aircraft using it in IF. I believe that @Toby172 already stated the requirement in post #2.

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