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I wanted to ask you a few questions;

  1. if an airline changes the livery of an aircraft that is there in the game (the same registration as well). Will IF update the livery as well or will we have to put up a request in the features section ?

  2. Just yesterday two special liveries “the BA Oneworld B772” and the JetBlue “defining momint” liveries were confirmed. Has the restriction on special liveries been taken back and can we like request a retro livery.

  3. Lastly thank you so much for confirming PIA’s A320. We’ve been trying to request it since 2016. However I just wanted to let you know that livery that has been confirmed is only now on 4 A320s out of the airline’s fleet of 13 A320s with two more expected to join the fleet this month so when designing the livery; can you make sure that the registration you add to the livery is out of the 4 that carry this livery. The registrations with the confirmed livery are “AP-BLB , AP-BLC , AP-BLS & AP-BMX”.

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It’s generally advisable to create a Features request, as IF isn’t likely to change the livery. There has actually been some controversy regarding new liveries replacing old liveries a while ago, which lead the team to, at least for the moment, add the new liveries without removing the old ones - which they have stated that isn’t the most optimal option for performance at the moment.

There has never been a restriction regarding alliance liveries. JetBlue’s livery also isn’t a special livery, but rather their new identity, so it makes sense it’d be added soon.

Don’t worry, the team generally doesn’t mess up with this kind of stuff.

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  1. That will be considered a different livery, so a request is needed. The same case we had on liveries like Air Canada B789.
  2. No. Alliance livery requests are never restricted, and for Jetblue, the case is really different since each of their aircraft has a unique livery (like with different tails, etc)
  3. You can put your trust on the artists to make the livery right. I can take an extra look at this when it enters testing.

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