Query on creating ‘valid’ callsign

(I’m new here. If this belongs in another category, since support seems to be mainly tech related, please direct me to where I need to be.)

To get us all on the same page; when it comes to setting call signs I have no clue what I’m doing. Long time interested in flying, no knowledge when it comes to the non-piloting bits.

I want to set my callsign to a name I’ve decided on, but want to keep it somewhat realistic and believable. I might even say I want to make it ‘valid’ or ‘correct’ in true-to-life terms.

I’m intending to act as military aircraft - fighters, carriers, whatever - under the name ‘AURORA’. However, my issue is that if I simply make my callsign ‘AURORA’, it sounds unprofessional and I don’t think it conveys information about my aircraft in the way that a callsign should.

I’m simply looking for some help on setting it up. Should I be using an airline or GA sign? What other text (if any) should I include along with the name I want?

Help/advice will be greatly appreciated. I hope to try out flying online for the first time soon.

Thank you for your time,
Dani (Decca1705)

Don’t worry about it. If you don’t like it, then of course don’t use it, but there is no problem at all if you use AURORA as a callsign.

That is entirely personal preference. If you like realism, then you can use an airline callsign but a lot of people like to have their own GA callsign that they use for every flight. The trick is to finding what matches your taste and preference.

In short, you may use any callsign you like or fits your personal preferences. Whether that might be a GA callsign you like, or an airline callsign that matches a real world flight. It is entirely your choice. But please however avoid callsigns that are inappropriate or have multiple repeating letters such as EEEEEEEE which would read off as ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO

Unfortunately word-spelt callsigns are only available to mods and staff now because it was heavily abused with inappropriate names when this feature was available for everyone

First of all, welcome to the community Dani! It’s great to see new people here every day.

So, the users above made some great points. “Normal” pilots unfortunately cannot have a custom callsign read out as a word, and for good reason. However, if you use one of the airline presets, then the name of the airline will be read out. If you already know this, I apologize for redundancy.

If you are looking for the most “realism”, so to speak, then when you fly an airliner flight, you should look up your flight in real life (if it is commercially operated) on somewhere like Flightaware or FlightRadar24. This will give you the callsign they use in real life. For GA flights, most real life pilots use something along the lines of “N483WJ”, where you simply use the registration of your aircraft as your callsign.

In Infinite Flight, some users use a custom callsign that is read out in alphabetical form (e.g. my callsign, IAV, reads out “INDIA-ALPHA-VICTOR” when contacting ATC.

Hope this helps a bit!

Mmmmm. I can see why only mods/devs can and should have this privilege!

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Thanks for the notes. I was mostly asking as I was unsure whether a ‘non-genuine’ or titular-sounding callsign was a socially acceptable action on IF. It varies per group, depending on their realism demands.

Thanks again for the help!

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I know this, that’s not the issue. Thanks for the input, though.

I’m aware AURORA will read as “Alpha Uniform Romeo Oscar Romeo Alpha”. However, to other aircraft and on radar it would appear as “AURORA”.

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Oh, its socially acceptable, don’t worry. The staff/mods who have the privilege of a read-out callsign are looked on enviously by most of us pilots. When normal pilots lost that privilege, it was kind of a “This is why we can’t have nice things moment” 😂

Only OG have it and mods/devs/staff have it. It was available years ago, but not anymore as people were making very rude names sorry it’s like this😔

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And? I don’t see your problem…

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