Query About Approach-To-Approach Handoffs

Today I was flying to KATL where two Approach frequencies were open. I checked ATIS to see if there was a specific one to contact based on my location, and it said nothing, so I contacted whichever one @Trio was controlling. He handed me off to the other approach controller. This one vectored me to RWY 28, and handed me back to Trio on my downwind leg. I checked in, and requesting vectors to 28 again. I got the message saying to check the forum, and then continued to vector me. To make sure I don’t do whatever mistake I did again, would anyone mind telling me what I did wrong? I have a hunch that it was requesting again, but I just want to make sure. Thanks!


You were supposed to check in only, there was no need to request vectors again after being handed off from another Radar controller. I gave you check help so you’d remember that specific scenario so thank you, I was going to PM you. The ATIS issue will be dealt with internally, sorry for the inconvienece, I’m sure that was confusing.


For some background, when you are handed off from one radar controller to the next a thing called a data tag is kept the same above your aircraft no matter which frequency you are on. I talk about it here:

That reason why we don’t need you to tell us which runway you originally requested because we already know. :)

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It happens more and more now that multiple radar frequenties are open for an airport. This is why it’s important you check the airports ATIS before contact Approach. There you can find out which frequency to go to first. This can depend on direction.

Most times Radar controllers divide their load between South/West and North/East or something like that. Sometimes the load is split in a way that one Radar controller brings the aircrafts near the pattern and the other Radar controller guides aircraft to the runway ILS cone. If this is the case, you only have to request ILS Approach once. With the second Radar controller you can just check in. He knows where you’re going,

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys! This can be closed now.

Solved in 8 minutes. This is some forum! 😊