Query about account

Hi I logged on a second ago and it’s telling me my month has expired .i don’t understand this as I just purchased another month a week ago I purchased the one above the 50 pounds for the year can you help ?

Maybe just double check on https://account.infinite-flight.com/Account/Login

So it should work?

Hang on I’ll go try again but it did say I had to upgrade wish I had taken a screen shot

Yessss ok I’m getting in again I hit restore purchases and it let me in ??? Strange but thank you for the help. I was wrong about this site you guys are very helpful any time of the day. soo need to go to bed but I’m hooked on this sim loved the funny videos I’ll probably be on there next month for my cheek thanks again


I somehow knew you were going to stay :-)
Some of my aircraft in-app purchases would come up that I needed to pay for them again, but I just pressed restore purchases like you did, so that is normal.