Query about AAR limits

Hello everyone

I’m currently crossing the Atlantic with a F-22 and a KDC-10 and I wonder how many times / fuel quantity I am allowed to take by the game.

From the Aerial refueling tutorial we learn that it is 3 “connects” per aircraft per session but I remember having made many more than that.

However I also remember hearing that the maximum allowed was 3 times your total fuel availability (which sounds more likely from experience).

Can you help me clarifying that?


You can take three tanks worth of fuel in one session.

So let’s say I have 1000 kg on board, I can refuel up to 3000 kg worth of fuel?

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If your tanks hold 1000kg you can take aboard up to 3000kg i believe in one session i think it is dependant on your max fuel capacity of fuel not fuel onboard

Ok this is what I thought, that chart above confused me

I think it means 3times 0-100% of fuel capacity
or 6 times 50-100% if I’m not fully mistaken
I mean I was able to connect and refuel more than 3 times from the same tanker
(for example when you disconnect due to Formation Lag)

Same, when I can’t stay in the AAR area and I have to try again.

I think I have my answer, thanks

Why is there a limit to begin with?


I have no idea, I just know I have to keep that in mind during flight planing, really annoying to be honest.

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