Queentown NZ ATC - great job but then I'm confused

Just landed in Queenstown /NZ with a great ATC support. Expert server. Visual landing over the water, really enjoyed.

The ATC was great until I landed. Then I got really confused.

“Backtrack and report runway clear” so I backtracked and then exited runway. BUT there was no ATC instruction to report runway clear. I just could not find it either in Tower or in Ground…

So I sat there looking and was then told to check “ATC manuals”…

Why could I not find “reporting runway clear?” I have used it many other times?

Is there a gremlin in the software? Where did I go wrong?

Thanks, Stephen


There is no report clear of the runway command when ATC is open, there is only a a “clear of all runways” option on unicom.

The message ATC would have sent you would not have included this. It would have said “Callsign, backtaxi runway 05, contact ground when off the runway”


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