Queenstown Approach

Queenstown Approach

G’day everyone!

A few days ago, I came into Queenstown on the classic Air New Zealand A320 on the RWY23 apprch for the second time.

Last time I came in was during the brisk of winter a while back on the JetStar 320 where everything was absolutely smothered with snow!

Surprisingly, during the middle of summer we’ve still got the tip tops of the mountains covered in the white stuff, snow.

Anyway, here’s a couple shots I grabbed on my phone on approach into Queenstown.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from New Zealand!

🎄 ✈️


Sydney looking smoggy as usual. Gotta love how picturesque Queenstown is while turning between the mountains. Wonderful approach. It’s also fun doing a 180 on Queenstown’s runway. Some of the pics from NZQN are so cool with the mountains in the background.


Did @MJhendo vector you in 😂 Super jealous though, it’s definitely the best in the world!


New Zealand is such a beautiful place awesome pictures and videos!

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Amazing photos!😍🤩

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Yeah, the visibility when I was leaving was notorious. Fires are looking terrible at the moment.

In Dunedin at the moment and has been raining non-stop. Complete contrast to back home.

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Great pics! I love the approach

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Cheers guys!
It certainly is a unique approach that showcases just a tiny part of New Zealand’s stunning geography!

Fantastic shots Luke! Thanks for sharing.

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Great photos and videos! I really love this approach and I hope I will get a chance to experience it on my own some day like you did :)


Thanks guys!
And it’s just hit 12AM here in New Zealand (2nd in the world, I think, eh?)

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it and wishing all the best for the new year! 🎄


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