Queenstown airport

Hello there IFC I just got a level 2 report because I was taxing into other planes how would I have left the runway for a aircraft that was waiting to take off on the runway and 2 on final and 2 holding short of the runway?? The aircraft in front of me started pushing back so I can exit and them I got a report even though I didn’t taxi into the other plane?


Hey there! I’m not sure I fully understand what happened, but here is what you can do. Contact @appeals with your replay and/or contact @KaiM your controller

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I sent a PM to Kai M he was controlling at the time

Perfect. There isn’t really much we can say. He has all the information. We weren’t there so we don’t know. In the future, avoid making topics if you’ve already don’t that first step. 😉

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I just landed at Queenstown airport and started to back taxi and there were 2 aircraft holding short of the runway

We don’t really know what exactly happened, so we can’t really help. Continuing in PM with the controller is the best option.

I understood the situation, I meant that your controller will have all the info and/or your replay.

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We don’t know the details of this incident. @appeals or contacting the controller via means of PM would help you a lot more than it would help us.

And know we’re just repeating ourselves here… The OP has messaged the controller. Nothing else is needed.


I don’t know how this was taxing into other planes

OP has messaged the controller. Thanks