Queen’s Escort

Hello, People who clicked on this topic! You get a 🍪!

Earlier today, I completed a flight with @anon38496261 on expert server. We did a historical flight with the 747-200 and MD-11 from EHAM to EGLL.

Here are the shots!

Parked at EHAM on a crisp spring morning

Taking off from runway 24 at EHAM!

An amazing shot by a local planespotter of the queen!

A beautiful sunrise!

On final at EGLL! If you read these, you should really try mint gum with cold water :)

A passenger’s view of history!

One Thousand

Butter at the same time!

While taxiing, we did something very realistic. We communicated with our landing lights because… why not?

The queen intensely watching the captain as he nervously looks down at his papers

Thank You!



as always, click for full pictures :)

Those are great pictures!

It was a beautiful flight. I didn’t have such a good day 😂

3 speed violations and nearly stalling and having to catch up 😂


Wow… the shot of the queen taking off… gorgeous!

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Queen is beautiful😍


Great shot’s of two aircraft on such a short flight!

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Amazing shots! The second picture is the best!

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