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Hope y’all enjoy!

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Airline: Thai Airways
Time: 8hrs 16mins

Thai Airways departing for Sydney

Somewhere over Indonesia

Approaching the Australian coastline

Turning towards Sydney

Touchdown on runway 16R


Great pictures I love the Thai Airways 747-400!

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Thank you!

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Cool! I like the first one.

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thanks a lot!

Thai serve sydney from bkk airport not dmk
just saying, I am not judging you😂

hmm when i searched up Bangkok airport thats what came up…

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Um yes😂👍
Bangkok has two airports: bangkok suvarnabhumi airport is the hub of thai airways and many other big airlines fly to there.
bangkon don mueang (which is the one you flew out) serves mostly budget airlines like nok scoot, air asia group
(it’s like row of gatwick and heathrow)

ok got it, i just realized there were 2 airports. well now i know :)

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Was it YSSY to VTBD, or VTBD to YSSY? I ask because of this:

and this:

I was just wondering, because it isn’t clear what your departing airport is.

“Departing for” indicates that he’s departing an airport, destined for YSSY. You can also tell by the pictures (“approaching the Australian coastline” and “landing on 16R”). Therefore, it’s VTBD to YSSY.

@Speedyyy Nice pics! The Thai livery looks mighty fine on the 747. :)


Yes thank you very much!! It really does…