Queen of the skies is no more - Boeing rolls out the last 747


The most Iconic aircraft ever made, something which signified the marvelous engineering of aircraft today will no longer be manufactured by Boeing

In 1968 the first B747 rolled out of production

In 2022 the last B747 rolled out of production

What a legacy this aircraft will leave behind, RIP Queen 1968-2022.


It’s still going to be flying around for a while just no longer in production


But this means it will now slowly start to disappear from the skies in a few decades.

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Although I’ve never flown it, it is a queen. It will be missed.


I may have dropped a tear or two… 🥲


So long old timer :(

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This is a sad time. It will be even more sad when they are completely retired (which will probably be around late 2040s).

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It’s sad to see the Queen Of Sky leaves us :( I remember when I spotted a private 747 in LFMN and it’s maybe the last time I see one…

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I will sadly probably still be alive at that point and I hope to go to the retirement event.


Should there be an alternative?
What should it be called?

I really hope Atlas Air paints a special livery to honor the final 747 ever.


The beginning of the end, hopefully she graces the skies with Atlas for many years to come. In the meantime I’m sure we will all enjoy it before the actual last day comes

Queen 👸 served a lot of time for the world. It was really unique. Aviation history has lost a milestone.☄️

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From the City of Everett to whatever the Atlas air plane was named… the queen will always be remembered

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