Queen of the skies // 747-8

Queen of the Skies

Hey IFC 👋

Today’s flight was wonderful, flying a beautiful plane over beautiful mountains for a short flight with a B747-8 from Beijing to Guangzhou. It was foggy during the approach but the sunset made it gorgeous.The flight was really nice except for… uhhh… you’ll find out.

Here are a few pictures of the flight

So sit back, relax and enjoy

Top Secret!

Server: Expert
Flight time: 2hrs 46mins
Route: ZBAA to ZGGG
Cruising altitude: FL380
Aircraft: The Queen
Airline: Air China

Bow down to The Queen

The Queen blasting out of Beijing 

Cruising over some mountains 

 Cruising over Henan

Flying over Wuhan 

The Queen descending over foggy mountains

 Final runway 19

Forgive me for this terrible landing (-647 fpm)

 The Queen resting as the sun sets

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



If Only we had Contrails this would be amazing nice shots!!!


It will be amazing with contrails!

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The 747 desperately needs a rework


Well said 😂

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I like how the editing emphasizes the grime on the 747, looks cool!


Thank you very much :)

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The first picture is so amazing that it is enough bowing down… lol

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Thank you so much 😊

You must bow down to the Queen! i’m doing that right now after that terrible landing 😂

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Haha… yes you should after what you done to her landing gears!

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I hope she forgives me

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Great photos mate!

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there it is!

Thank you :)

Every covid post is getting flagged lol and mine is also gonna get flagged rip.


Maybe lol.